Facebook Usage Hits Lowest Point in 4 years

current facebook usage

While they are still indesputably the king of social media, the platform has come under heavy fire recently over the Cambridge Analytica data scandal which involved the records of over 50 million users private data being leaked and sold off for political campaigns.

Now, figures reveal that activity on the platform have dropped to an all time low in 4 years.

The data, published by StatCounter reveals that the percentage share of facebook dropped to just 63% of social media usage last month, the lowest point it has seen since 2014.

While the revelation of the incident may not have surprised many (Facebook and privacy issues, who’d ever heard of such nonsense?). The news certainly brought the discussion back to the forefront of the public conversation, and to the attention of the law. Which some him testify before US congress and even being fined £500,000 by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office.

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Despite the gloom, Facebook did somehow hit almost record quarterly earnings. But these latest statistics on social media market share now tell a different picture despite the platfoms best efforts to convince users otherwise.

It follows after weeks of heavy advertisement investment by facebook centred around the topic of privacy and an attempt to change to a more user-centric design according to their heartfelt video ad.

Does this suggest that users are slowly fleeing the platform amid the fallout of these privacy concerns or are facebook users simply finding new places to call home such as Instagram, which won’t bother facebook one bit seen as they own it.

This is clearly not the end of facebook, but things have shifted and the dust certainly is still yet to settle.

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