The Best Bitcoin Faucets

best bitcoin faucet

If you’re getting interested in cryptocurrencies it can be hard to get started with your own coins, especially if you don’t have the hardware needed to start mining for yourself. This is where sites called Faucets come in, which pay out small amounts just for visiting their site.

Unfortunately, there are a great many out there with , some more trustworthy than others and all offering variations in payouts and different incentives. Here are a few of the more reputable sites who’ve established a good records for consistent payouts over the years along with their various perks and how much you can expect to earn from each of them.

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is one of the older and subsequently more reputable sites, this is important as the sites reputation is directly linked to your payouts. If the site gets more visitors, they’ll receive more ad revenue and subsequently give better payouts to their users. is unusual in that it allows you to withdraw funds at any time unlike most faucets and the amount accumulates the longer you wait. Meaning that while you can withdraw every 5 mins for around 20-30 Satoshi you can alternatively log in just once a month for around 1000, of course you’ll want to keep coming back to rack up your daily bonus.

Best Bitcoin Faucet


  • Loyalty Bonus: Awards an extra 1% for every consecutive day you visit the site.
  • Referral Bonus: Earn an extra 1% for every person you refer with an additional 50% from each of their claims.
  • Mystery Bonus: A randomly generated bonus that multiplies the amount you receive from each claim.

Satoshi/Hour: 100-300

(The more times you claim within the hour, the more you can earn)

Min Withdrawal: 10,000 Satoshi

Moon Bitcoin Review

Free allows you to claim your coin every hour for a percentage chance at winning varying amounts with the highest prize being $200 at the current value of Bitcoin. You can also then gamble using your existing funds using their HI-LO game for a chance to multiply your bitcoin up to a supposed 4750 times. Though your chance of multiplying that high are 0.02%, so fairly unlikely to say the least, that said the probability is fair and you can successfully gain BTC this way provided you’re prepared to take the risk and ensure you quit while you’re ahead. Review


  • Number Roll: Every time you claim BTC you roll for a number which gives the potential for higher payouts (Seen in the above image)
  • Multiply BTC: Gamble your existing funds in a fair HI-LO game to multiply your Bitcoin
  • Lottery: Spend your Bitcoin on tickets for a chance to win huge Bitcoin prizes in the weekly lottery
  • Referral Bonus: Earn 50% commission from referred users claims, plus a 0.25% commission on all wagers regardless of a win or loss.

Satoshi/Hour: 200-300

(Depending on the current value of Bitcoin)

Min Withdrawal: 30,000 Satoshi

Ultimate Free Bitcoin

99 Bitcoins Faucet

Alongside running as an informative site, also run a simple Faucet. It offers frequent and high payouts at around 100 satoshis every 5 mind however your limited to 120 claims a day (Not bad at a potential 12,000 Satoshi/day). Another downside to the site is a lack of perks, there’s no referral system or opportunity to significantly multiply your earnings however if that doesn’t bother you, this may be the faucet for you.

Is 99Bitcoins the best Bitcoin Faucet?


  • Seniority Bonus: Earn a 5% bonus on your claims after 30 (not consecutive) days which increases at varying amounts of time up to a whopping 15%

Satoshi/Hour: 900-1200

(Limited claims)

Min Withdrawal: 13,000 Satoshi


2 comments for “The Best Bitcoin Faucets”

  1. in summer ive been using faucets for a while.
    I got to say its not worth your time. You get only so little.

    I have purchased cloud mining for one time 40$ and still make some money every other day(more than with faucet)

  2. Oscar says:

    I’ll share 50% of my referral fee with you guys

    If you want to go on freebitco .in and use my referral 1975258 I share 50% referral fee with you guys so we both win 🙂

    Its a pretty good one, i’ve never won the $200 but i’ve won 16000 satoshi once.


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