How to Make Money from your Computer (Part 1)

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I hesitated whether to post this due to the clickbaity and scam-ridden nature of such content.

So I’ll say this, this post doesn’t offer you any secret methods or techniques, nor will it help you get rich without trying. I wanted to publish this as an educational resource for those looking to get into the market as well as counter those who’d argue it “isn’t possible to make money online anymore” or “they’re all scams”.

Because in reality, away from the “Earn 500k a month from home” scams there are genuine ways to earn a legitimate (or not, depending on your preference) living from home on your computer, this isn’t easy though and will take effort. I’ve taken the time to list as many ways as I could think of and provide this resource to help educate those looking to get stated in internet marketing and online money-making, I’ll also provide a sidenote to let you be aware if there are any morality/legality issues to consider for the more dubious stuff (I don’t recommend nor endorse these methods but are merely provided as a means of supplying a full list to better inform you).

Part 1 – Crap-tier earnings

As this is just the first part in the series I’ve started out by looking at some of the lower-end options that are commonly seen advertised on the web. These methods are certainly not get rich schemes, but are great for starting out if you have nothing to invest in money or effort. They may earn you some beer money for the weekend and can even add up if done regularly over the course of a month or even a year.

Shortening URLs

shortening urls

Sites like AdFly allow you to earn money for shortening URLs. Shortening URLs is often talked about and it’s a common starter for many looking to earn a few bucks, it incredibly easy to get started, all it involves is sharing links to users who’ll then be redirected to AdFlys webpage to be shown an ad, before then  being taken to the original link. This is great if you have a big online presence or a way of getting clicks from hundreds and thousands of users a day through Facebook, twitter our YouTube but otherwise you’ll struggle to bring in any worthwhile revenue.

How much money can you make from shortening URLs?

While a somewhat passive form of money-making (As you can earn clicks long after you posted the links) it’s completely dependant on getting those clicks in the first place, at a measly few cents a click, you need to be getting 1000s of clicks everyday just to make a few dollars. However if you do have a large network such as a facebook group you may be able to get among the elite few who’re able to make up to $200, more than likely though you’ll end up making a few dollars a week at best, for this reason I really wouldn’t recommend trying.

Estimated: $10 per/month

Bitcoin Faucets

bitcoin faucet

Bitcoin is the biggest digital cryptocurrency, I’m not going to go into all the details of what bitcoin is here, for that you can check out their site.

It’s surge hasn’t failed to pass internet marketers by and has seen the rise of Bitcoin “Faucets” which involve visiting the site and completing simple tasks for small payments of bitcoin. While this may seem to good to be true it is actually an honest way of acquiring some bitcoin if you don’t want to have to use a credit card or meet in person and pay for cash. Instead bitcoin faucets rely on ad revenue while in exchange handing their users small amounts as an incentive to keep visiting their site.

I’ve used bitcoin faucets before and while slow to build up any capital, they are incredibly quick and easy to use, normally just taking a few seconds to go on the site and claim your tiny payment (Which is very, VERY tiny) you can then normally check back every hour or so depending on the site. After a month or so of repeated use you can start to build up your first few BTC for your wallet.

I’d recommend you try out which has payouts every hour, if you’re feeling lucky you can even gamble with your existing earning to multiply them.

How much money can you make from bitcoin faucets?

Making money via faucets is incredibly slow, while you can attempt to gamble a few bucks you’ll probably find you lose as much as you win. If you use the service as standard you’ll probably only make beer money of less than $10 per/month but the real money is in affiliation. If you can get others to join the service you can start making big commissions on everything they earn (Like I am admittedly doing, please click my affiliate link to help support the site and let me publish more guides like this one)

Estimated: $1 – $50 per/month

Solving CAPTCHAs

solve captchas

You know those annoying things when you browse online that are used to check your a human and block spam? There are sites out there willing to pay for you to solve them. Unsurprisingly this is a somewhat dubious business as they’re probably not collecting this data for the fun of it. Your answers are most likely being used to fake and circumvent their way around these checks so they can run bots to spam and perform other illegal actions. Whether providing them in itself is illegal is somewhat of a sketchy area but if you’ve got moral qualms, this might be for you.

How much money can you make solving CAPTCHAs

I hope you weren’t getting your hopes up for this one, from my research solving CAPTCHAs is by far the worst way to make money due to the huge competition from large teams of indians who’ll perform tasks for a fraction of the price due to their lower living costs. Most sites are only willing to pay around a dollar for every thousand captchas solved, so you’re completely dependant on how many you can solve, the below estimate being calculated at solving 1000 every day.

Estimated: $30 per/month

Cryptocurrency Mining

How to mine Ethereum

Fancy the idea of digital cryptocurrencies? If you have a high-powered graphics card on your PC for gaming you should consider mining, digital currencies use blockchain technology which is an open-source database of every transaction. Miners are individuals around the world using their computers and are responsible for doing the processing in this decentralised system. Early adopters to bitcoin were able to gain huge amount of coins which are now worth millions today. Today Bitcoin mining requires huge data centres due to the increasing competitiveness of the valuable currency.

There’s plenty of other great digital coins available which you can mine (Such as my personal favourite, Ethereum) which will enable you to earn small rewards in the digital currency of your choosing in exchange for your computers processing power.

How much money can you make mining Cryptocurrencies?

This largely depends on your setup, while some invest into specialised rigs for earning more serious amounts such as that seen above you can run your own on just your standard gaming pc. Unless you get lucky being an early adaptor to a new bitcoin you’re not going to be a millionaire by the end of the year. However this is a fun and different alternative to make a few bucks from your high-powered computer, with a standard setup you’re probably looking at earning a fair few dollars a month which isn;t bad for something that runs in the background requiring zero effort once it’s all setup.

Estimated: $10 – $50 per/month

Completing Surverys

online survey

Companies need feedback on their service, products and ideas and are prepared to pay (minimally) for it. When signing up you should prepare yourself to answer initial surveys for free so the service can identify you into a demographic. Which will then be used to send you targeted surveys as they’re often looking for specific demographics of people such as Customers of their service, Over 50s, Fitness enthusiasts etc. so you may not qualify for every survey being run on the service.

Make sure to check review of a site before signing up as there are plenty of scams out there who will take your surveys without paying you! You can try out OpinionOutpost for a reliable, trusted service.

How much money can you make from online surveys?

It largely depends on the amount of surveys you can qualify for and the amount of time you are willing to spend doing it (It’s going to take up a significant proportion of your day). They certainly aren’t going to allow you to give up your day job. Most people struggle to make $50-100 and very few make $200+ despite the many wild claims out there.

Estimated: $50 – $100 per/month

While the offerings on display here are small, combined together they can make for enough to get by.

Unimpressed? Same here, thankfully there are much better ways than this around. Make sure to check out Part 2 of the money making guide for a look at higher earning brackets.

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