How to Make Money from your Computer (Part 2)

Making Money Online


Welcome to the second part in the no-nonsense real guide to making money with only your computer, if you haven’t already read Part 1 of the Money Making Guide, feel free to do so. In this part we’ll go up a earning bracket and how you can expand to more than just a few dollars a month by simply taking advantage of some of the great online services that are already available.



Make money with eBay

how to sell online

Everyone has heard of eBay but many still don’t bother to utilise it, but eBay is a great tool to start earning some money straight away without too much groundwork or having to build up a customer base as there’s already millions of visitors with hundreds of thousands of sales happening every day so there’s plenty of income to be made from the get-go. The best way to start is just listing a few items from your own unwanted stuff as where there’s junk there’s somebody somewhere on the internet who’s prepared to buy it off you for whatever reason so it’s certainly worth listing whatever you’ve got.

If you were hoping to stay firmly within your comfort blanket though this will involve having to leave your computer, either to package items and send them off for postage or to greet strangers *RECOIL IN HORROR* at the door for collection.

Of course such a tactic won’t last forever, you’re probably going to run out of your own things to sell eventually, at this point you’re going to need to get the stock yourself. Do some research into high-selling products and look for what’s popular but also not where the market is already overly saturated with products, once you’ve decided on your category, such as beauty products, you’ll then need to solely focus on selling these items.

Next, search for stock, this can be anything from flea markets, car-boot sales and house clearances but the best place to look is actually on eBay itself following the old rule of buying low, and selling for more. Take advantage of the users who are just clearing out their house and are prepared to sell for cheap by buying the stock yourself, and reselling it for a higher price to your audience as part of your niche specific store.

Make money on Fiverr

Making money with fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for individuals to advertise their own services known as ‘Gigs’ for the cost of, you guessed it, $5. There’s all sorts of services being bought and sold on the marketplace such as advertisements, graphic design and tech support to name but a few with a great variation of creative, technical and just plain boring tasks that people want others to do for them.

While $5 isn’t a lot on its own, many services typically offer optional extras such as express service, extra features etc. which can easily bump an order up to $20 or $50, if you can then be receiving and completing multiple orders a day you can see how you can start to earn enough to live off full-time.

Finding success on Fiverr is all about working out what you’re good at, providing a good service to build up your reputation and become the go-to guy for that job. The more skilled you are combined with the effort you put in will equal what you receive in return.

So what service should you offer? What are you good at? Creative? There’s huge demand from businesses to improve their brand with graphics and videos, if you’re a good writer consider setting yourself up as a ghost writer, writing articles on any given subject to help a brand or website create content. If you’re more technical you could consider offering IT help to users with services such as securing and fixing WordPress sites.

Fiverr money making

Okay so you’ve got your service, but how do you actually make money? First off ensure you create a presentable page for your gig, this means writing an inviting description and eye-catching image to go with it to help make you look professional and stand out from the rest. You should also ensure your mentioning the key tags and keywords that describe your service, that people will search to find you, this will help you rank better in search results by appearing relevant.

Next you need to get promoting yourself on the ol’ socials, it can be a good idea to connect your fiverr account to social media and let people know you’re know on Fiverr.

Once that’s out of the way it’s a good idea to create a fake account and buy your own service so you can give yourself your first positive feedback, nobody wants to be the first to use a service after all.

It may take a while to receive your first order but if you’re able to offer a good enough service that’s in demand, they’ll come to you.

Youtube ad revenue

Make money with Youtube

Everyone’s talking about how the top YouTube ‘stars’ are making millions on the platform, but you don’t need to be getting millions of views to start earning Ad Revenue. In fact you can enable monetization on your videos right away by simply going to the ‘Monetization’ tab in my videos, you’ll then be able to monetize your videos as you upload them.

Of course to gain ad revenue you need to get the views, there’s no tricks or secrets here it’s all about content, if you can create great content then people will want to watch it, but how do you choose what content to make for? Again, choose what you’re interested in of course but don’t go too generic, for example there’s already millions of gaming channels out there, why should anybody watch yours?

The key is to specialise and become THE definitive content creator for that audience. So to go back to our example, instead of just gaming, you could focus your channel on 90’s specific games on the PS/PS2,  NES/ Nintendo 64 consoles etc. (Apologies if you have no idea what I’m on about). Admittedly you’re not going to be the only one uploading videos on the topic, but it’s gonna be a lot easier to have your voice heard and get your videos out there.

To promote your content, you need to find your audience, browse forums and social media groups and find the people who’re talking about the content you’re making, these are who you need to target. Don’t spam them with links, go and interact with them, join their community and as part of it, showcase your videos.

Good Luck out there!

This post may not have been the most comprehensive ever but I hope it gives you a good idea of the various opportunities you can take advantage of out there simply using existing sites and given you some hints to get going on them. Hopefully you’ll find it to be of some help anyway, good luck with your ventures. If this post does prove to be popular for some reason I may follow-up with some more posts covering launching your own initiative such as running your own blog and maybe cover some of the darker side of black-hat money-making for those without morales.

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