China Tightens its grip on The Great Firewall

china great firewall

China has once again ramped up it’s online censorship today with the announcement that all VPN connections are illegal unless officially sanctioned by the government. In what is being called a “Clean up” of “Disordered connections” by the authorities which is starting with immediate effect.

The news will comes as a blow for the millions of citizens who until now have relied on VPN services to circumvent the firewall and access blocked sites such as google, facebook and twitter among other popular sites. The new campaign also outlaws the use of other unauthorised connection attempts such as through the Tor network whcih until now have gone relatively under the radar by the Chinese authorities.

While the use of a VPN connection wasn’t explicitly illegal before today, it was a grey area as some even began to suspect China was incapable of blocking the connections altogether as they had previously attempted and failed to do so with the banning of certain protocols.

The new ban will also have a major impact on those who use VPN connections for completely legitimate means such as private businesses that use them to allowing workers secure remote access to their corporate networks. These businesses will also now need approval from the administration to continue to operate.

The announcement comes after news earlier this month that The Cyberspace Administration of China, the body responsible for Chinese censorship, pledged total allegiance to Xi Jinping. A move that suggested China are attempting to further tighten the security of the nation in preperation for the upcoming 19th Party Congress.

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