How to set up your own Home Server

How to Install your own Home Server with Ubuntu 16.04

Everything is online and in 'the cloud' these days with most of the important data we interact with being stored on a server far away. How hard can it be anyway? Why not trying running your own server? READ MORE>>

Why you need to use Linux

Ah, good old Windows, the OS we all know and have grown to love. It's no wonder it's so popular with its incredible security, privacy features, bug-free nature, great customer support and all round good value for money - Right? Hang on, wait that doesn't READ MORE>>
How to join anonymous

How to join Anonymous – A Short History

You've seen them in the media, on tv and in the movies. The ultimate deviants of the online world capable of wreaking havoc to major organisations all the while standing for lofty goals. You're ready to dedicate yourself to these noble ideals and learn READ MORE>>
SQL Injection tutorial

How to Hack sites with SQL Injection

Most website 'hacks' are done through what is known as SQL injection, this involves modifying SQL commands sent to the database in order to retrieve data that may be otherwise inaccessible such as usernames and account details. READ MORE>>
How to use Whonix

How to Browse anonymously with Whonix

Whoinix is an Operating System designed especially for Security, with your privacy and anonymity being a core focus of its development. To do this it communicate all your traffic across the Tor network. This makes it a much safer alternative than other READ MORE>>
Danger of VPNs

Stop using your VPN! The Security Risks

"Use a VPN!" often seems to be the go-to advice for everything security and privacy focused online. But let's be clear, they are far from the fix-all they are often made out to be. Admittedly the title is provocative and overly dramatic, I don't really READ MORE>>
best bitcoin faucet

The Best Bitcoin Faucets

If you're getting interested in cryptocurrencies it can be hard to get started with your own coins, especially if you don't have the hardware needed to start mining for yourself. This is where sites called Faucets come in, which pay out small amounts READ MORE>>
PGP Encryption

How to use PGP Encryption

If your concerned about the security of your messages you may have heard of encryption, but what is it and how do you use it? Encryption is used to convert your normal text into unreadable gibberish through the use of an algorithm, in cryptography this READ MORE>>
Making Money Online

How to Make Money from your Computer (Part 2)

  Welcome to the second part in the no-nonsense real guide to making money with only your computer, if you haven't already read Part 1 of the Money Making Guide, feel free to do so. In this part we'll go up a earning bracket and how you can expand READ MORE>>
china great firewall

China Tightens its grip on The Great Firewall

China has once again ramped up it's online censorship today with the announcement that all VPN connections are illegal unless officially sanctioned by the government. In what is being called a "Clean up" of "Disordered connections" by the authorities READ MORE>>
Deep Web Security

The Ultimate Deep Web Security Guide for Noobs

What is the Deep Web? How do I get there? If you're asking questions like that then maybe check out The Beginners Guide first. By taking the time to read this you may be concerned you're going to get caught, perhaps by "Elite Hackers" or even law enforcement. READ MORE>>
digital currency

How to Make Money from your Computer (Part 1)

I hesitated whether to post this due to the clickbaity and scam-ridden nature of such content. So I'll say this, this post doesn't offer you any secret methods or techniques, nor will it help you get rich without trying. I wanted to publish this as READ MORE>>
cyber surveillance

Stop the Snoopers! How to Communicate Securely

  As you're reading this right now, you're every move is being tracked, from recording your location to every detail of your activities. We've already covered some of the basics of online privacy in earlier posts (Part 1 and Part 2), feel free READ MORE>>
Home Network Hacker

Access Denied! Secure your Home Network from the Hackers

Concerned about the recent increase in hacking? Surely nobody is interested in your humble network though, such with its low security and everything, oh wait... It really doesn't require complex skills either to start taking the necessary steps to READ MORE>>
deep web browsing

A Guide to the Real Deep Web

If you're reading about the deep web, chances are you were brought here by the intriguing mysticism that surrounds it. From stories in the news and media, to popular videos and even urban legend. All telling a similar story of a deep, dark, underground READ MORE>>

How to Buy, Mine and Make Money with Ethereum

In the face of a declining economic climate, Bitcoin continues to soar this week and it's no surprise there's been many who've tried to replicate it's success. The cryptocurrency market is full of bitcoin clones who've gained traction before slowly sinking READ MORE>>
Anonymous Identity

The Beginners guide to anonymous browsing (Part 2)

Welcome to the 2nd part in our series on anonymous browsing. If you're coming here fresh you might want to checkout Part 1 first. Presuming you've those basics under your lets continue on our journey to turn you into the ultimate invisible man (or something READ MORE>>
Tor Browsing

The Beginners guide to anonymous browsing (Part 1)

To some this might seem a strange concept. Why does anyone need to be anonymous online? The idea may conjure up ideas of "super hackers" breaking into high security systems and crazy conspiracy theorists wearing tinfoil hats who live in paranoia from READ MORE>>
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